Ingalls and the City of Pascagoula to benefit from legislative session


Among a number of victories in legislation for the City of Pascagoula in 2019, two bills passed in the capital that could benefit Ingalls Shipbuilding in a big way.

House Bill 983 provides $45 million in state funding to improve the competitiveness of Ingalls. The current expansion is expected to bring at least one thousand more workers into Pascagoula, helping improve the city’s economy.

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Senate Bill 2570 creates a specialty license plate for Ingalls and provides $24 of every license plate to benefit Main Street Pascagoula and other works in the community.

The state has invested $200 million in Ingalls in just the last five years. Community Relations Director Laurie-Ellen Smith said, “Ingalls is iconic and they call Pascagoula home. We’re very excited about the bill creating the specialty license plate which is a wonderful partnership where we’ve got this great company who gives incentives to businesses for facades through the grants they provide. We’re very excited to see Ingalls recognized this way as well.”