Stations of the Cross


For some parishioners on the Coast, they’re starting their Easter weekend honoring the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Cathedral of the Nativity hosted the Stations of the Cross to start their Holy Weekend.

Parishioners filled the Cathedral of the Nativity on this Good Friday to honor the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ. The Stations of the Cross takes Christians through a step-by-step pilgrimage of his crucifixion. Father Colten Symmes said, “So, it’s engaging all our senses, our eyes, our bodies, right? Our touch, our smell, our hearing, and so it’s really engaging fully into really the passion and the death of Christ.”

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Christians believe Jesus died on this day and rose again three days later. “It’s not necessarily a form of worship. It’s more of a form of a devotion of trying to let the passion of Christ touch our hearts and to move us to repent, conversion, and to love like Christ loved us, through passion.”

During Easter season, the cathedral chooses to cover the crucifix above the alter, which holds a deeper meaning for parishioners. “We cover the crucifix to kind of turn our minds, our hearts, to rather we’re celebrating that very mystery right now. We’re kind of calling the past to the present so to speak. So, we cover the cross because we’re actually celebrating that very mystery in the liturgy, in the service.”

For Father Symmes, he believes faith plays a large role in South Mississippi and it’s amplified during Easter season. “It really just brings the solidarity of brothers and sisters all coming together  as one. To really say ‘look, even though the differences between some of the Christian denominations, we can all celebrate Christ saving death and resurrection’ that’s something that we can all come together and celebrate together.”

The Easter vigil at the cathedral will be held Saturday at 8 p.m.


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