Mississippi college tuition increase


Mississippi’s eight public universities plan to raise tuition by an average of four percent by fall.

For the first time, the average cost for a full year of tuition and mandatory fees in Mississippi will exceed $8,000. The College Board approved increases for all the universities on Thursday.

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The statewide average for two semesters of full-time tuition and fees will rise by $312 to $8,120. Most students don’t pay the entire price, but college costs have risen faster than incomes and 58% of Mississippi students graduate with debt.

News 25 spoke with Congressman Steven Palazzo who says something needs to be done about the rising tuition prices. “The only thing that is growing so fast, faster than energy prices, food prices, wages is the cost of college education. We really have to address that at the federal and state level soon before no one is going to be able to afford to go to college or they are going to have to draw so many loans out that they will never be able to repay them cause I hear a lot about student loan repayment.”


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