A wish granted in D’Iberville


D’Iberville Elementary School student Baylen Ruffin had one wish: to visit the most magical place on Earth. The Make-A-Wish Foundation and Galleria BMW made sure to make that happen.

Cruising into the Galleria BMW dealership in style, seven-year-old Baylen Ruffin sure does know how to make a grand entrance. Baylen’s mom, Candance Stanfield, said, “$120,000! It drives itself. That’s crazy! He couldn’t stop smiling. He said, ‘momma, can we get this’ I said, no we can’t afford it, but you can enjoy this moment.”

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Baylen was driven to the dealership for a surprise party. Friends, family, and teachers were all on hand to greet him, celebrating the granting of his wish to visit Disney World and the rest of what Orlando has to offer. “He’s so looking forward to Toy Story. We haven’t been to Universal so we get to go there. He loves superheroes. What little boy doesn’t love superheroes? We get to go to Sea World.”

The Mississippi Make-A-Wish Foundation partnered with the dealership to make Baylen’s dreams come true. Baylen battles Louis-Bar Syndrome, an extremely rare nervous system disorder. However, that doesn’t stop him in the slightest. “He loves Alabama football, loves that more than anything. He loves playing Madden on his Xbox. Besides his disease he’s a normal little boy.”

Baylen was too young to remember his first trip to Disney World, making this trip that much more special.