Changes in recycling program in Ocean Springs


The glass bottles and jars Ocean Springs residents have been putting into recycling bins for decades will now be heading to the landfill.

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson and officials from Waste Pro made the announcement to end glass recycling, noting that recycling glass was inefficient and the cost of shipping it long distances makes it cost prohibitive.

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According to Waste Pro officials, there have been significant changes in the recycling market in the U.S. and more specifically in the Mississippi Gulf Coast region.

Mayor Dobson says despite the changes he hopes residents can find ways to keep glass out of the landfills. “As far as Ocean Springs residents, everybody has been doing a really great job. I think that our residents are very environmentally conscious. I hope everybody keeps up their efforts on the recycling that we can do and maybe we have some artists around town who might be able to find some good use with that glass.”

Most paper, plastics, and metals can still be recycled.


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