How to Improve Odds of an Offer/Preparing and Reviewing Offers




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A seller can improve the odds of getting an offer on their home by pricing their home properly, based on comparability. HL Raymond Properties does a complimentary market analysis of sold properties as well as telling you what your competition is currently on the market. Timing your listing is also important.  We have a large second home market along the coast.  You’ll also want to capture buyers with families during the times of easy school transitions, over breaks and summertime.  There are many different approaches to timing, depending on the location of our home. If your location isn’t the best, add great curb appeal to your home.  This will draw Buyers inside, once you get them to your location.  Most importantly, make your home sparkle.  Cleanliness sells, and for more money!  When cleaning, don’t forget about windows, blinds, cat litter boxes, doorknobs, light switches and plates, air conditioning filters, grates and vents.

Houses remain on the market for three reasons:  Location, price and cleanliness.  Your house needs to be prepared for the professional photography that our agency offers and have great curb appeal.  You want to invite buyers inside with an amazing outside so pressure wash, mulch and straighten the mailbox.  Continually review the price of your home in comparison to what has sold on the market to stay in line with pricing.  Sometimes it’s not just location, but we are seeing such a growth of new construction along the coast and while we love it, there are some amazing homes currently “move-in ready” on the market.

Sellers should accept an offer based on the type of financing or cash, closing date, repairs that may have to be performed based on the type of financing the buyer is getting and of course the offer price. Your realtor will be able to help you get to your bottom line goal number.