We advise our sellers to plan ahead by walking through each room and critique as if you were a potential buyer. Get a home inspection so you will be aware of any issues upfront that you can take care of.  Clean, de-clutter and de-personalize the space. Put pictures away and all personal items.  They will also want to thoroughly clean the entire home.  We advise not to forget about curb appeal as the first thing buyers see is the yard.  Paint, pressure wash, sweep, mow, trim shrubs and plant colorful flowers and shrubs.

One of the cool things we do at HL Raymond Properties is use professional photography.  It makes a world of a difference.  The benefits of using professional photography are the use of a tripod which provides an elevated effect.

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When taking photos of your property make sure there’s no camera distortion, windows are clear, angles showcase the full room with no offensive shadows and there’s bright natural lighting.

Once on the market, you will want your home to remain clean and clutter free.  Be sure to make the beds each morning, and to make sure the front is cleared off as well.  You can light a candle or have those plug in air fresheners going so that your home is always smelling fresh!  Be prepared for there are always those calls from realtors that they want to show the home now!  Those are the ones that may make that offer!