Allegations against Moss Point Mayor Mario King


A Moss Point alderman has taken the first step toward filing a lawsuit against Moss Point Mayor Mario King. An attorney for Alderman Ennit Morris filed a tort claim in late December, claiming Mayor King assaulted and threatened him.

Moss Point attorney David Frazier has taken on a new client, Moss Point Alderman Ennit Morris in a case he says unfolded during an altercation between his client and Moss Point Mayor Mario King at a board of alderman meeting last December.

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Frazier says it happened when Morris questioned expenditures by King’s administration, causing King to get angry in the executive session. “Since Mr. Morris was not going to give the floor back to the mayor, he instructed the police sergeant-in-arms to throw, take Mr. Morris and throw him out of the meeting.”

Before the sergeant-at-arms could remove Morris from the room, Board Attorney Amy St. Pe decided to speak up. “She stopped him before he could actually man-handle Mr. Morris and advised him not to do that,” said Frazier.

Frazier says while Morris was not removed from that meeting, the attempt to do so prompt Morris to take legal action, filing a tort claim against King. If King does not respond to the claim within 90 days from the December 21st filing, Morris will file a lawsuit seeking monetary damages.

Frazier tells News 25 this is not an isolated incident when it comes to Mayor Mario King. “He’s been known to be abusive to the members of the public and to other aldermen in the past. So, hopefully, as a result of this lawsuit they’ll be some court-orders put into effect.”

While King has not yet legally responded to the tort claim, he did speak with News 25 Wednesday night on the phone about the allegation, saying it is his job to maintain order in executive sessions. “You got to respect other people’s opinions and others, while they’re talking, and when that can’t happen, when that all ceases, then it’s my job to maintain order by removing them.”

Frazier says if King does not choose to concede to the tort claim, Morris will take the next step and file a lawsuit.