Harrison County School Bond update


Back in November, the $55 million Harrison County School Bond passed.

News 25 spoke with Harrison County School District Superintendent Roy Gill about where they are on the bond process. Right now, there is a lot of foundation prep for the expansion of north Gulfport. They plan on that expansion being the least intrusive as possible for students.

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In addition, they have land secured for the new K-8 school which will be on Highway 15 just north of the D’Iberville Sportsplex.

They have also finalized the designs for the new middle school on the west side of the county. Some of the security measure updates that were originally planned are already underway. “I’m a little impatient because I want it done now but of course you know a lot of people ask all the time when is it going to be completed well the date is still August 2020 is the move in, but you know and it seems like a lot of people don’t see a whole lot of things going on, but there’s a lot going on in the background,” said Gill.

Some of those background projects have been consulting with teachers of different subjects to make sure they are laying out the future classrooms to be the most proficient for students and teachers.