‘Shop to Shine’


Next month, special needs teens in our area will have a prom night like no other.

Dressed in a light blue ball gown, Leslie Moorman feels ready as ever for her first ‘Night to Shine’ prom. “I just like to try new experiences and you know this is the first time trying it so it’ll be a new experience for me.”

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Leslie joined many others in finding the perfect outfit at the ‘Shop to Shine’ event. All of the dresses and tuxes are donated throughout the year with the help of Woolmarket Baptist Church who puts on this special night. ‘Shop to Shine’ Coordinator Adrian Holland said, “We really enjoy working with the special needs community. It provides a special prom experience that they may not have otherwise.”

Woolmarket Baptist Church isn’t the only place that holds a ‘Night to Shine,’ the Tim Tebow Foundation puts on these proms all over the world. “Woolmarket Baptist Church got involved just by applying with the Tim Tebow Foundation and then it just sporadically went from there. It was a God thing.”

This ‘Shop to Shine’ event was just the stepping stone for the actually prom held on February 8th. If you would like to volunteer or be a guest at the prom you can visit their website for more nighttoshinewbc.com. “It’s definitely my favorite night of the whole year, just the pure excitement from the volunteers and the guests. It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before. Tonight is just a preview to help get them ready and get them dressed and get them excited about the event,” said Holland.

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Coordinators hope everyone found the outfit that will make them shine and feel as special as they truly are.