Seniors can pack a punch!


Age is nothing but a number to Louis Callahan and the group of senior citizens he is teaching to box in Long Beach.

Two years ago, Callahan started to teach people ranging from ages 60 to 81 how to pack a punch. Once a week for an hour, these ladies jab, uppercut, and bob and weave their way into a healthier lifestyle.

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The class of seniors, which includes Callahan’s mother, looks forward to their sessions each week and say Callahan never takes it easy on them.

One of Callahan’s mottos for the group is that ‘even if you are in a wheelchair you can throw a punch.’ Coach Callahan tells News 25 the boxing helps these ladies in a number of ways. “I kind of got them in their stance and made them be more alert by keeping their hands extending, air punching and then we started moving forward. When we move forward then you have to trust yourself. With me doing the class in a circle, we mimic each other so it’s like we are all on one accord.”

The class is free of charge and if you want to take part give them a call at 228-224-6973.