Lil Boosie Black Beach lawsuit


Hip-hop star Lil Boosie says he was pepper-sprayed by a mall guard in Biloxi because he is black, but the guard and police say otherwise.

The Sun Herald reported on pretrial testimony in Boosie’s federal lawsuit. He entered a Dillard’s Store with about 20 onlookers during Biloxi’s 2017 Black Beach Weekend.

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Biloxi Officer Matt Howard says he was called to assist with the ‘unruly crowd.’ Guard Glen Kerley says he pepper-sprayed Boosie’s assistant who he says clenched his fists after being asked to leave. Kerley and Howard say the group then attacked Kerley outside.

Testimony indicates that Kerley repeatedly pepper-sprayed Boosie.

Tammy Cotton, who worked for Dillard’s at the time, testified that Kerley was known for being aggressive to black shoppers.

A settlement meeting is set for January 17th.