Call center creating jobs in Gautier


Since 2002, the location where Kmart used to be in Gautier has stood empty, but now it’s going to revitalized in a way that will create over 200 jobs.

This building may stand empty now, but by July, Roy Rogers Communication Inc. will be operating a $7.5 million payroll call center.  Roy Rogers Communication Inc., a national AT&T dealership, recently entered into a 10-year lease for this property. Gautier Mayor Phil Torjusen said, “This is a group from Tennessee. They’ve been operating in the Nashville-Murfreesboro area and they’ve been looking for an area with a more business friendly climate year round.”

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Mayor Torjusen says not only are they starting up their call center here, but they also plan on moving their whole company to Gautier and redoing the whole shopping center’s outdoor lighting and parking lot.

Just down a few stores from where the call center will be, Roy Rogers is putting up an AT&T store where they are already working out of. “People in this area have a lot of phone calling experience. It’s really a natural fit for these people coming in. These people sought us out, they saw our qualities and everything and they came to us.”

Not only is the call center going to create over 200 jobs for the Gautier area, but also going to come with a steady income with it paying $500 to $700 every week. Director of Admin and Sales Angelina Politi said, “It’s going to be pretty flexible. If you’re looking to apply and have the experience, I mean, we’re even willing to train so there’s no room for failure here. We strive to be successful. That’s what everyone wants.”

If you are looking to apply you can do so online at