City of Ocean Springs 2019 plans


The City of Ocean Springs can expect big plans regarding infrastructure in 2019.

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson reflected on 2018 and tells News 25 last year was a great year for all of the festivals hosted in the city. Dobson spoke about finishing 2018 projects and the inaugural Ocean Springs Christmas Parade.

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One of the projects to look forward to this year is revamping Steelman Lane. Mayor Dobson wants to improve it in order to help other properties in the area be more valuable and attract more development. “I see a lot of movement in Ocean Springs, whether it be beautification efforts or infrastructure, business development, you are just going to see a lot of good stuff in Ocean Springs.”

Mayor Dobson tells News 25 his goal is to continue to grow on the Coast and let tourists know Ocean Springs is the place to be.


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