Santa visits the Biloxi Fire Museum


The holiday season is a very busy time for Old St. Nick, but he did squeeze some local kids into his schedule.

A place that normally teaches people history had a very famous guest stop by this weekend. Biloxi Fire Museum Board of Directors member Samy Handler said, “We were lucky enough to get Santa Claus back and he has been here for several years and the kids love him. We love him and he does a great job with the kids.”

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It’s a tradition that is almost a decade old; Santa makes room in his busy schedule to stop by the Biloxi Fire Museum. “You know, Santa comes once a year and the kids tend to love to see Santa. It is just a joyful time for everyone to be happy.”

Kids of all ages had the chance to meet Santa.

During Santa’s stop at the Biloxi Fire Museum he handed out dozens of toys to boys and girls from all around the Gulf Coast. Along with getting some pre-Christmas toys and candy, the children had a chance to tell Santa their holiday wishes. Arabella Jackson said, “I asked him for American Girl doll clothes that are matching, and most of all, for everyone in my family to have fun on Christmas Eve.”

Lyle Ramon said, “I asked for a PS4 and to pray for my mom.”

But it wasn’t all fun and games, officials at the museum also took a few moments to educate guests on fire safety. “Of course, the biggest part about Christmas is to have a great time, enjoy yourself, and be safe. Our biggest concern is be safe around the home, fire alarms, Christmas trees, making sure nobody gets hurt. That is what our whole program is about.”