Bike drive competition between Long Beach schools


Two schools in Long Beach have been in competition, but for a good cause. Harper McCaughan Elementary and Long Beach High School set out to see who could raise the most money for a city wide bike drive.

‘Tis the season for giving and even a little competition, for the past two weeks the schools have been in competition to see who could raise the most money to purchase bicycles for those in need this Christmas. And the winner is? Harper McCaughan Elementary, raising over $1,000. “We feel pretty good about it.” “I know I feel more ‘powerfuler’ than the high schoolers and cooler. Like Harper McCaughan has done it ‘betterer’.”

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For students Kingston and Gannon beating the high school is a nice feeling, but they know the real reason for raising the money. “Since it is Christmas, we decided to help people” “We do feel good about it, like we’re donating. We’re doing the right thing.”

The goal was to donate 40 bikes and with the competition between the two schools that number was exceeded, but the work from the Mayor’s Youth Council didn’t stop after collecting the money. Long Beach Mayor George Bass said, “They actually opened the cardboard boxes and put the bikes together. So, they had a larger buy in than just the requests, they’ve had hands on.”

The idea behind all of this was started by the Mayor’s Youth Council, now in its second year in Long Beach. While the competition is over between the two schools, with just under two weeks until Christmas, they are still taking donations of bikes and money. “Look, if you haven’t given a bike yet and you still want to, we’re still open. We’ve got some more days until Christmas and if we get more bikes we’re going to get more families,” said Mayor Bass.

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If you’d like to donate a bike or money contact the mayor’s office at 228-863-1556.