Bob Boyte Honda Dealership coming to Moss Point


Residents of Moss Point can expect a new Honda dealership to hit the city soon.

Bob Boyte Honda will be located past the Wendy’s and Burger King off the 63 corridor.

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The dealership will contribute to the tax base and the quality of life as a citizen. Residents can start to see the very beginnings of construction within a six to 12 month time span.

Moss Point Mayor Mario King tells News 25 the dealership, along with other businesses, will help the community offset tax revenue. “What that will be is the destination to buy your car. It will be the destination for our climate and the citizen base, the tax base, the income base. These are the cars and the area people want to come.”

Bob Boyte said, “You got all these dealerships generating revenue, then the community wins and the city wins and we win by selling a lot of cars.”

Boyte tells News 25 Bob Boyte Honda is a twelve time Presidents Award winner which is Honda’s most prestigious award.