Christmas tree shortage


Many areas across the U.S. are seeing a shortage of Christmas trees this season.

Just like Clark Griswold in ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ we’re all hoping to find that perfect Christmas tree, but with this year’s shortage of trees across the U.S., even local Christmas tree farms have taken a hit this year. Holly Berry Hills Christmas Tree Farm owner Larry Haley said, “We weren’t able to get any from our local buyers that we buy from every year.”

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Haley has been in the business over a decade. His trees range from $50 to $200. He tells News 25 they had to dip into next year’s crop supply to make up for the national tree shortage. “We cut back and we got caught. It takes about three years to catch that slack up.”

The tree shortage hasn’t stopped anyone from getting in the Christmas spirit, including Coast residents Mary Sewall and Bob Duroucher who bought their first tree from the farm last year. “This was my first Christmas tree farm to actually come to. It really just puts you in the Christmas spirit.”

You might be wondering just how long it takes for that Christmas Tree in your living room to grow, and it might surprise you. They initially start out as something very small,  then after about eight, nine, ten months later you get something a little taller, but nowhere near ready to take home. Then after about two to three years you get something that’s about six to seven feet tall and it’s ready to take home.

The next time you go to pick out your Christmas tree remember just how much work went into it. “These are my children, the same as my little dogs around here, they’re mine. I personally tend to every one of these trees all year long.”


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