Laurent Smith art collection in Bay St. Louis


The late Laurent Sherry Smith was an artist in the 20th Century with a passion for rural settings.

Smith’s focus was always southern landscape and there are a few pieces that exhibited the Coast like Bay St. Louis City Hall and train depot, Pepsi-Cola plant, downtown Gulfport, and more. Many of these pieces were rescued from Hurricane Katrina without much damage.

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His work can be classified into three work periods, most of the collection seen here represents the middle period which is characterized by elaborate detail.

News 25 spoke with the owner of this collection Smith’s son Gary Smith who told us why this collection is so special. “These pieces are important not just because they’re beautiful landscapes, but some of the pieces actually record history, especially Mississippi coast history. When he does paint a building he respects the architecture there and stays true to it.”

Smith’s work can be seen all over the south in galleries and universities and he has one piece on the national registry which is a portrayal of the Elmwood Manor in Bay St. Louis.