West Biloxi Boardwalk History


Residents and tourists can expect the West Biloxi Boardwalk to be an outdoor classroom on the Coast.

The West Biloxi Boardwalk has been in the works for quite some time. Now, with a tidelands grant from the secretary of state, a ribbon cutting will take place to celebrate phase one of the project. Harrison County Supervisor Beverly Martin said, “It all came together. It’s a half mile long. You go up and down, you can get your mile workout in and it’s not just well-lit and safe and beautiful.”

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The boardwalk is designed to help the public and visitors engage with the beach and the waterfront, but that’s not all. As you walk pass some of the kiosks, you can see a handwritten letter from President Truman to his wife Bess and daughter Margaret about his observations on the Gulf Coast. “They are reproductions from famous people that have visited this area and we just thought we should share that with the public,” said Martin.

Also, the boardwalk pays tribute to African-American troops that fought during the Civil War. “It will reference the fort out at Ship Island so as you go down, you can get a little history lesson.”

Ten colorful kiosks make up the boardwalk. Phase two of the project will start from Veterans Avenue to Camellia Street. This is another way for people to learn about the history of the Coast while enjoying the atmosphere on the beach. “The ultimate goal is to have this through the entire length of the beach. That’s my personal ultimate goal and I think it is our mayors as well.”