Hospice of Light tree planting ceremony


Singing River Health System’s Hospice of Light held their annual tree planting ceremony today.

Shoveling dirt may not seem like something that can help you grieve, but it can mean so much for people like Linda Ross, who lost her 98-year-old dad, Thomas Cecil Stork, from a lung disorder almost a year ago. “He was a special man, loved by a lot of people. I’m feeling a little sad, but also I’ve got a lot of good memories and I know where he is. He lived a good life, he was a good person.”

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Losing a loved one is a difficult time in a person’s life, Ross says moments like these make it more bearable. “Anyone who is going through the illness and eventually death of one of their loved ones that Hospice of Light is there for them and you know it’s a decision that the family has to make to put their loved one in hospice, but I never regretted doing that because they were so good to my dad and he died with dignity and comfort,” said Ross.

Hospice of Light has been putting on this tree planting ceremony to honor those that lost their lives while in their care for most of their 24 year history and it never falls short of tearing at the heartstrings.

Planting trees in the ground is closure for some and for others it’s a time to remember. Hospice of Light medical director Edgar Hull said, “It’s amazing how many people came out in this horrible weather to remember their loved ones and I tell them as I always do, that this is about them. We have memories that we keep and that’s why we plant the tree every year.”

As this group looks ahead to the future, they know the memory of their loved ones will forever be embedded in the roots of this tree.


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