Gulfport Fire Department recruit ceremony


The Gulfport Fire Department graduated 16 recruits from class 1802 tonight.

All 16 recruits went through a ten week academy that consisted of a lot of physical work to make sure they knew everything mentally and physically as well.

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Tanner Hughes, a recruit from class 1802, tells News 25 the biggest thing was coming together as one and working together as one unit. “The training part wasn’t fun, but we had more fun as a team, that was the most fun. Just being around all the guys, all the time, and coming in every morning. Before we did all of our physical work, sit in the classroom, just hangout and that was the best part of it.”

Hughes says tonight he got his first hands-on experience reporting to a fire on Courthouse Road. His goal in the fire department is to hopefully become a lieutenant which takes about 10 to 12 years.