New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Rams


Leading up to yesterday’s game between the Saints and Rams, something was going to have to give with both sides having combined for 14 consecutive wins prior to Sunday.

The offensive teams lived up to the hype in what turned out to be a Superdome shootout for NFC supremacy.

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New Orleans wins 45-35 and is now just a half-game back of first in the NFC.

Undefeated no more, the Saints now hold the most important tie breaker in the NFC over their old west divisional rival. With Sunday’s victory over the Rams improving their winning streak to a league-high seven games.

Now the Superdome blew a gasket when Michael Thomas unleashed his Joe Horn flip phone tribute.  “Of course, paid a tribute to him, trying to get the crowd going a little bit more, set the tone, have fun out there, give these people a show. (Mike, did you have a cell phone under both goal posts?) Yeah, I had my plot set up. I had it set up to where I was anticipating to get in the end zone. (When did you put the cell phones there, during pregame?)”I don’t remember.”

Running back Alvin Kamara said, (Did you guys know Mike Thomas was doing the Joe Horn tribute?) “I don’t know, but I love it. And I know Joe personally, so I’m going to hit Joe up and tell him to make sure he sees that ‘cause Mike held it down.”

Head coach Sean Payton said, “They doubled low on Alvin and Mike was freed up. He played outstanding today. I mean I wasn’t all fired up about the penalty, we’ll get that figured out and handled. But he had a great game.”

Quarterback Drew Brees said, “For us, I think it was just maximizing every opportunity and being as efficient as we possibly could. Staying on the field as much as we could. Getting touchdowns as much as we could. We knew the type of opponent we were going up against. We knew we had to play near perfect to beat these guys.”

“Drew was Mike Tyson in his prime. Period. It’s a knockout, man. I mean it’s a statement win. I’m just happy for this team. Like I said, I keep saying it, we’re focused on us, This team is focused on the New Orleans Saints is focused on the New Orleans Saints. Nobody else, that’s it.”

Defensive end Cameron Jordan said, “I love this win. I love how our team plays. I told you earlier this week, I said we were going to play all 60 minutes from start to finish. But that team is a great team. That team is a team that we’ll have to see again, and I’m glad they’ll have to come back to the Dome.”

According to ESPN, Horn reached out to Thomas after the game, thanking him for what he says most athletes in his position would never do.

Next up for the Saints is a week 10 date in Cincinnati.