Chris McDaniel on the Coast


U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel made his way down to the Biloxi Lighthouse for a rally of his own.

McDaniel spoke to residents about the importance of draining the swamp and reforming the government. He also talked about not funding Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare.

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During his speech, McDaniel mentioned fighting for Ingalls and the military. He tells News 25 Mississippi doesn’t have to be last forever and has a message for those who are undecided with their vote. “We believe strongly in draining the swamp. We believe strongly in conservative reform. We believe strongly in what President Trump is trying to do. He needs people to fight for him up there as oppose to obstruct his agenda.  You never give up and you always fight.”

McDaniel tells News 25 he is a true Republican and has fought for conservatism his entire life. He believes this gives him the edge over the other candidates.