Derick Hall receives Under Armour jersey


A few months ago, Gulfport linebacker Derick Hall had a decision to make: Under Armour or U.S. Army All-America game. He went with the one he grew up watching and today, the future division I signee saw that decision play out right in front of him at his very own jersey presentation courtesy of Under Armour.

“On behalf of Gulfport High and the players of Gulfport High football and the city of Gulfport, we would like to congratulate you on achieving your dream of becoming an Under Armour All-American. We look forward to seeing you represent Gulfport in Florida in January.”

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One in a generation would certainly apply to Derick Hall, the first football All-America in the history of Gulfport High School. “Being this long-term dream of being an Under Armour All-American, sitting up, growing up, just watching the games, stuff like that is very huge and I’m very blessed and excited,” said Hall.

That class of ’19 jersey commemorates his selection to the 12th annual showcase, featuring more than one hundred of the top players from across the country.

Tuesday’s presentation was stop number 10 out of 10 in Mississippi and it might not be Under Armour’s last trip to Admiral waters. “It definitely puts us on the map in some kind of way and just my coaches believing in me and helping me push me to this goal is very huge and for the school and program.”

Gulfport Head Coach John Archie said, “It means a lot. He’s one of our leaders, he sets an example. This will go a long way for our football program. For him, he set the example. He’s going to set the example for all of our young kids in our program that goes along with our motto, we don’t accept average here. Being an Under Armour All-American is not something average, it’s not something that comes every day.”

Already a four star recruit, Hall’s All America selection further validates his 19 division I offers with Auburn emerging as the front-runner amidst a top three that includes Florida and Mississippi State. “Definitely a roller coaster. It’s a lot of ups and downs from having to focus on school and then go to football, then having 20/30 texts when you get up in the morning from coaches and stuff like that. It’s definitely a lot to handle, it’s a big load but I’m very blessed to be in this position.”

With Hall’s highly-anticipated commitment looming large and his All-American dream already come true, the last of his worries is sizing up his new gear. “(How’s the jersey fit?)Oh yeah, I mean I love it. It doesn’t even have to fit right. This jersey does not have to fit right, I’m just so blessed to be in this position, this long-time goal of Under Amour is finally achieved. I’m in the brotherhood.”

The Under Armour All-America game will kick off at 5 p.m. central on Thursday, January 3rd from Orlando’s Camping World Stadium on ESPN2 presented by American Family Insurance.

With that being said, we’re going to dub Hall as the News 25 Student Athlete of the Week for not only making Gulfport history, but also leading his Admirals to a perfect 3-0 district record so far this season.

Other weekly honors in the college ranks going to Mississippi State defensive lineman Montez Sweat who has been tabbed on the national level as well as MGCCC kicker/punter Mason hunt, hailing from Stone High School.