Mother of two still missing 11 years after she disappeared from her home outside Wolfe City Texas


Lisa Lee Chandler Chris Chandler

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“We talked all day, practically all day long,” Marie told Dateline. She said the two were particularly close, and that Lisa, a mother of two boys, was supposed to visit her and her husband the next day at their home in Starks, Louisiana, a six-hour drive from Lisa’s home outside Wolfe City, Texas.

“She was one of the best mothers that you could ever ask for,” Marie told Dateline about her daughter Lisa. “She was a dang good person. She was always out there for the underdog.”

Lisa’s oldest son Chris Chandler said growing up, he was close with his mother. “She was really involved with me and my brother’s life,” he told Dateline. Chris was attending Chipola College in Marianna, Florida in 2007. His younger brother Tyler lived there with him.

According to Marie, her daughter Lisa was feeling particularly stressed that day because of her health issues, and because she was going through a divorce.

Over the phone, Lisa told her mother that she planned to go to the doctor the following morning before heading out for her parents’ house. Marie said she had to end their call around 3:00 p.m., because she had plans. She called Lisa back at midnight to see how she was doing, but no one picked up the phone at the house.

Worried about her daughter, Marie called her again at 6:00 a.m. the next morning. Again, no one picked up, which Marie said was out of character for her daughter.

Marie called a friend of Lisa’s and asked him to go over to her daughter’s house. According to Marie, he said he could not get into the home, because Lisa’s protective dog was loose in the fenced area surrounding the house.

Marie and her husband decided to drive from their home in Louisiana to their daughter’s home to make sure everything was OK. Marie says the couple arrived around 1:30 p.m.

When they arrived, they found Lisa’s car was outside the house. Because the dog was used to Marie, she was able to get to the front door and found it unlocked. She went in and found all of Lisa’s belongings including her purse, glasses, and cigarettes inside on a table. Lisa was nowhere to be found.

“Everything was right there on the table,” Marie told Dateline. “And she definitely wouldn’t go nowhere without them cigarettes.”

Marie called a few of her daughter’s friends, but none of them had seen her that day. She then called the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office.

Sergeant Jeff Haines, lead detective on Lisa’s case, told Dateline that officers were dispatched that afternoon on a welfare check to Lisa’s home.

He confirmed Lisa’s home was unlocked, her purse was on the table and her TV was on. He also does not believe Lisa made it to her morning doctor’s appointment.

“We’re not ruling anything out on this case,” Sgt. Haines told Dateline. Lisa’s case became a missing person’s case when no one had heard from her 24 hours after she was initially reported missing to police.