The City of Pascagoula is mourning the loss of former police Chief Michael Whitmore.
He died Tuesday at the age of 70.
News 25’s Lindsey Goodwin has more on how he’s being remembered by family, friends, and the city.

A father, grandfather, loving husband, friend, and valued member of the Pascagoula community, former police Chief Mike Whitmore served his city for 35 years.

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Doug Adams: ” The city has a lot to be thankful for Chief Whitmore and his dedication to them. This Police Department owes Chief Whitmore a huge gratitude for the things that we have, and the accomplishments he made under his administration.”

Whitmore retired from the United States army as sergeant major before beginning his law enforcement career in 1972.
After retiring from the Pascagoula police department in 2007, he went on to work as campus police chief in the Pascagoula school district.

Wayne Rodolfich, Superintendent Pascagoula-Gautier School District: ” You’re always looking for very experienced people, and we had the opportunity to get the Chief of Police from the City of Pascagoula who had a great reputation as being a great law enforcement person. We were very proud to have him as part of our staff.”

Beach Elementary School Principal Shirley May Hunter grew up with Whitmore … And has known him as a police officer and a lifelong family friend.

Shirley May Hunter, Principal, Beach Elementary: ” I’ve known him in a whole circle of ways. He was very professional here. He’s gonna be greatly missed, and we just love their family, and I know Pascagoula does too.”

Lindsey Goodwin, News 25: ” No matter if Chief Whitmore was serving in the United States Army, the City of Pascagoula Police Department, or as Campus Police Chief in the Pascagoula School District, he was sure to impact the lives of all those he encountered.”

Doug Adams: ” He’s had a huge impact on this department and the way we police, and what you see here today as far as the professionalism, the way we look, the way we conduct business.”

Wayne Rodolfich, SuperIntendent Pascagoula-Gautier School District: ” Great people leave great legacies, and he’s one of those great people that leaves a big legacy on this community.”

In Pascagoula, Lindsey Goodwin news 25.


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