Bond approved for Long Beach High upgrades


On Thursday, Long Beach voters approved a $20 million bond that will bring improvements to Long Beach High School.

The line was out the door at the Long Beach High library to vote for the $20 million bond to upgrade the school. The massive turnout had voters on both sides of the fence. The topic of conversation was the possible increase in property taxes if the bond were to pass.

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Plans for renovating the school include safety concerns and upgrading the technology. The Long Beach School District needed 60 percent plus one for the bond to pass.

Long Beach resident Elizabeth Fortenberry said, “We have to have a school that educates our children and educates them properly. In order to do that, we have to pay them a little bit more.”

Long Beach resident Jack Bayes said, “We already owe 4.3 plus million dollars that hasn’t been paid off.”

Long Beach School Board President Tim Pierce said, “If we don’t maintain the ability to have the best rated school system that we can give our children, those people that were moving to Long Beach will move to these surrounding communities.”

Pierce tells News 25 people who move to Long Beach don’t move to Long Beach for the cheap taxes, they move to Long Beach because they have the best schools.