Biloxi fireboat ready for emergencies


With the large crowd the Blues over Biloxi airshow brought to the waters this weekend, Biloxi Fire Department and other first responders were ready for anything.

Biloxi Fire Department was stationed on the water throughout the day in case they received a call. The fireboats have on hand first aid equipment and equipment to deal with a fire.

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Biloxi Fire Department Captain Clay Courtney says they have to make sure they have plenty of resources in designated areas. These boats let them respond quickly to people on the water, islands, and on the beaches. “It’s a lot different. We’re usually stationed in the station all day long waiting on calls and out here we’re limited in our resources. There’s three people on board right now, but if we need more we have people scattered throughout we could get more help. Our goal is if we have any boat incidents or emergency medical calls, we’re gonna pick them up and transport them to the closest pier.”

AMR and Biloxi PD worked very closely with the fire department to ensure the safety of all who attended the shows this weekend.