Fingerprinting for safety


It’s any parent’s worst nightmare: a missing child.

News 25’s Gabby Easterwood takes us to St. Martin where protective parents took preventative measures to help safeguard their kids, all right at the tips of their fingers.

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Kevin Benjaman spent Wednesday morning at the St. Martin library. He wasn’t reading books, but he was using ink in a very unique way: to help the youngsters in the area get fingerprinted.  This is a safety measure that helps law enforcement find children if they go missing. It’s a cause close to his heart. “I have a six-year-old so I just try to put myself in what would I want as a parent and then I just go out and make that happen and that’s a great thing with our company is that I have free reign to do that.”

The fingerprinting is a free community outreach service put on by Woodmen Life Insurance.

Benjaman says fingerprinting can be a crucial tool for law enforcement when it comes to protecting our children. These fingerprints can be used up to ten years as identification in case a child goes missing. “Unfortunately in life we don’t know when things can happen and really when the end can come so this just provides families with that protection for them.”

In the event a child does go missing, pamphlets holding the fingerprints can be taken to local authorities and can save a lot of heartache when looking for a child. These tiny prints can also be the turning point of finding and getting a child back home sooner.