Farm to Fork program


Healthy and nutritious food isn’t always easy to access in some areas. That’s one reason why the United Healthcare Community Program of Mississippi has partnered with Alcorn State University for the seventh year of their Farm to Fork program.

The program provides free bags of farm fresh produce to community plan members in an effort to encourage healthier eating among people who are at risk of obesity or heart disease. Thirty-five percent of Mississippi adults are considered obese and Mississippi ranks 50th in the nation for overall health.

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The hope each year is to give members the chance to eat healthy at no cost. Vancleave resident Deborah Greene says the program makes a world of difference in her life. She tells News 25 the Farm to Fork program helps her out tremendously. “Well in my case with the children and myself being older, fruits and vegetables are very important and it’s keeping my weight down. I’ve had a lot of surgeries and the way to keep my weight down and to keep healthy is the fruits and the vegetables.”

Since it began back in 2012, they’ve provided more than 64 tons of food to the community members enrolled in the CHIP and Mississippi Can programs.