Inaugural Coastfest took place this weekend


The inaugural Coastfest kicked off Saturday at the historical Beauvoir.

The sun was shining, but the large oak trees and the beach breeze were keeping all of the Coastfest attendees cool. The main thing you would see while walking the grounds were all of the classic cars for the show. There was also a chance to go inside the home to tour and learn all of the history that Beauvoir has to offer.

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Coordinators from Beauvoir said this was really just a last minute idea and they are happy with the turnout. Coordinator Bobby Sue Koch said, “We put this event together because we think it’s a good idea to get people out of the house especially on the Fourth of July weekend.”

Coastfest attendee Erica Beaugez said, “Getting to have some time with my dad, looking at all the cars here and all. It’s really good being here.”

They hope to make Coastfest an annual event and have even more people come have good family fun and celebrate the history of Beauvoir.