Celebrating July 4th on the beach


Locals and tourists were grillin’ and chillin’ on the beach today to celebrate Independence Day.

Visitors from as far as San Antonio, Texas stopped by the beach in Biloxi to spend time with family. People were having a great time hitting the water, jamming to some tunes, and throwing down on the grill.

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The weather held up just enough for visitors to soak up some sun on the Coast. Lifeguard Tayler Shirey said, “I love to see people on our Coast. This is what it’s all about. We do all this stuff to make it nice so more people will come down here.”

Visitor Leah Griffin said, “Family, friends, and Fourth of July, we have the sun and the sea. We are barbecuing down there.”

Visitor Judy Nowlin said, “It represents the colors, red, white and blue. The red represents the blood shed. The white for the soil and the blue is for the skies that we endure.”

The tourists tell News 25 they plan to stick around for some of the fireworks shows taking place on the Coast.


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