New state laws in effect


New laws are taking effect in Mississippi about dog fighting, highway traffic, and transporting alcohol.

With Mississippians gearing up for the Fourth of July, it is important to take note of some new laws that are going into effect.

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These laws went into effect July 1st, beginning with people who promote, stage, or bet on dog fights, or own a dog with intent to enter it into a fight could face one to five years in prison. Repeat offenses could range between $5,000 to $10,000 in fines and prison sentences ranging from three to ten years.

For those hitting the road on Independence Day, a new law decreases the chances of slow drivers blocking highway traffic. It says the left lane should only be used for passing or making a left hand turn or exit. People should follow this unless the right lane prevents them from doing so. Breaking this law could mean a $5 to $50 fine.

Last but not least, a law now allows people to transport unopened alcohol, wine, or beer through dry counties without penalty.

All three laws went into effect on July 1st. So, Mississippi make sure you are caught up to speed.