It’s been 9 days since Governor Phil Bryant named Greg Michel the new excutivie director of Mississippi emergency management agency, also known as MEMA.
He’s been on the coast the past few days visiting with local emergecny managment directors, and News 25s Payton Malone got a chance to talk with him about the future of MEMA.

“Preparedness is key”
That’s been MEMA’s message for years, and even with Greg Michel being named the new excutive director of the agency the message remains the same.
GREG MICHEL, says, “I want to make sure that our plans are nested with the local counties, so we respond to them in the manner, the nature and the level which they need at the right time.”
DIRECTOR MICHEL is no stranger to crisis and stress. He was active duty Mississippi National Guard for 20 years, and was serving in Iraq when hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi gulf coast.
GREG MICHEL, says “Crisis response…we did that in the military. It’s what we unfortunately became adept at doing.”
“Even though Executive Director Michel has only been on the job for less than two weeks, he says he still feels very confident going into hurricane season, that MEMA is prepared for whatever comes our way.”
“I put the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency as well as the coastal counties and their emergency management directors as the best in the country. They’re World class organizations. We/They know what to do in times of emergency. It’s just making sure we communicate effectively is the main thing, so I am extremely confident in our hurricane response plan,” says Michel.
And whether it’s a small storm like hurricane Nate or catastrophic storm like hurricane Katrina. The relationship between local and state agencies is vital.
Rupert Lacy, Harrison County EMA says, “We’ve got to have a good working relationship, and know we can call on them in those times of need.”