Ocean Springs mayor speaks about computer generated KKK image


Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson responded to a Facebook post of a computer illustration of him and other aldermen dressed in Ku Klux Klan attire.

In the post, Mayor Dobson, Mike Impey, Rob Blackman, John Gill, Joseph Bellman, and Ken Papania are shown in KKK attire standing in front of Ocean Springs City Hall. The image was posted to Mississippi Rising Coalition President Lea Campbell’s Facebook Page.

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The mayor tells News 25 he believes the illustration is another response to the board’s decision to continue to fly the state flag on municipal properties.

Dobson referred to the image as ‘toilet humor and disgusting.’ He tells News 25 city officials are considering legal action. “It has become very clear that this group, if you want to honor and respect the state, that this is what that group thinks about you. This is what their cheerleaders think about you. So, I think we need to really think about that. We need to ask why this group is getting such a platform locally and why people want to keep giving extremists an avenue to attack our community.”

News 25 has reached out to Mississippi Rising Coalition President Lea Campbell in reference to this story. She has not yet returned our calls.


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