Bryant Center officially opens at MGCCC


With a vision to stop Mississippi from being the number one state for diabetes in the country, Governor Phil Bryant, along with state and local officials, broke ground in April 2015 on a new nursing and simulation center.

Several years and millions of dollars later, their vision came to life. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community Center held their ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony for the new 50,000 square foot facility on Highway 67 in Biloxi where they’re now able to teach nursing students under one roof. Governor Bryant said, “They had four different locations where they had nursing students so it was spread out all over the Gulf Coast. So, we thought we’d bring them here to this new remarkable nursing simulation and training center. So, we’d also be able to double the number of students in nursing.”

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Nursing student Brandon Olive said, “This is definitely the most cost-effective program on the Coast, very important, especially with the state of the economy. I’m really just glad that we’re all under one roof now.”

The new facility will bring in more than 20,000 jobs over the next ten years. The meaning behind the project is also very important.Bryant Center Founder Joseph C. Canizaro said, “I have type II diabetes. My father was a doctor in Biloxi, Mississippi. I’ve been involved in health care as a result of that for most of my life and I’ve come back home to bring everything I can to help make us a more successful, better, healthier city.”

More often than not, it is the nurses who walk into the hospital rooms to offer a comforting word to families. Developers of the facility hope to reduce the nursing shortage in our state. “We’re very proud to know that at some point over 500 students will be here and we’re gonna have the best nurses in the world come right out of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College nursing school,” said Governor Bryant.

With a need for access to better medical treatment and preventive education, developers have high hopes that the center will offer just that. “I would like where Mississippi started off at the bottom to end up being at the top of the world when it comes to curing diabetes,” said Canizaro.