Veteran blames Biloxi VA for health complications


A Marine Corps veteran says his life will never be the same because of a misdiagnosis made back in 2010 by the Biloxi VA.

“We went from having a good life to struggling.” Dialysis five days a week, an amputated leg, four amputated fingers and countless health complications is Kevin Beckham’s reality. He says all this stems from lack of proper treatment from the Biloxi VA back in 2010. “He told me I had flat out osteomyelitis of the spine and he said don’t worry about it, it will burn itself out.”

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But it did not. The osteomyelitis spread, causing three fractured discs in his spine, a heart attack, a stroke, and loss of eye sight for two weeks. Beckham says he’ll never forget the words of carelessness that came out of the mouth of the emergency room doctor at the VA. “He told her and me, just because you go blind does not mean that that’s a reason for us to admit you into the hospital.”

But the complications did not end there. “They issued me a black pair and a white pair of shoes from the VA. These are VA given shoes for diabetic patients.”

Beckham says the shoes wore holes into his foot the size of a half dollar, which led to an infection and the amputation of his right leg. “I do harbor a lot of ill will. The VA has definitely changed my life and not for the better, but definitely for the worst.”

News 25 reached out to the Biloxi VA for a statement on Beckham’s case to which they responded “We have reached out to the veteran and his family directly to address their concerns and are working with them to ensure we are meeting their needs.”

But Nicole Beckham says there have been too many broken promises from their part to ever believe they are working towards helping her husband. “He would not be in this shape if it wasn’t for the VA. I feel like they should give him everything he needs because they’re the reason he is the way the way that he is.”