Scrapin’ the Coast traffic plan


Ladies and gentleman, start your engines because it is that time of year again. This Friday, thousands of low riders and loud engines will descend to South Mississippi for the 16th annual Scrapin’ the Coast.

The premiere car, truck, and bike show will be taking over the streets of Biloxi and with the influx of cars on the road, Biloxi police want to be prepared to handle the added traffic which is why they have decided to put a traffic plan in place.

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The plan means Highway 90 will be limited to one eastbound lane and one lane westbound from I-110 to Debuys and the interior lanes will be reserved for emergency vehicles.

Biloxi Police Major Chris De Back tells News 25 this is the same traffic plan they used during Spring Break. “Generally for Spring Break it was more into the evening time frames and hopefully if we have to implement it, it will be the same thing for Scrapin’. Other than that it will be four lane traffic until we have to implement it and if we should have to vent which we never did during Spring Break so if we do have to vent it will just be dependent on how the traffic is flowing.”

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