MGCCC softball ribbon cutting ceremony


When Kenneth Long begins his 18th year at the helm of the Mississippi Gulf Coast softball program, the ends will have certainly justified the means.

Today, two long years of waiting finally came to an end with a ribbon cutting ceremony at Ross-Smith Field. Doing the honors was Coach Long with the support of school administration as well as former and future players in the crowd.

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The newly renovated stadium features 265 seats, 45 of which are chair back, and an overall capacity of more than 300 people.

The outgoing sophomore class never played a single home game at the Perkinston campus, a sacrifice that paves the way for future generations of Bulldogs. MGCCC Athletic Director Steven Campbell Jr. said, “We have the best facilities in all of the MACJC and I would say probably the NJCAA as well across the board. It does a tremendous amount for recruiting.”

MGCCC pitcher Kristen Cade said, “It’s great because we know that we’ll be able to be one of the first classes to play here and practice, and we take pride in that.”

MGCCC head softball Coach Kenneth Long said, “It just kind of hit me, like we’ve had good players in the past, we’ve got good players in the future and so we’re about to really take off which we’ve been an established good program for a long time, but this gives us the opportunity to be great.”

The last game played at Ross-Smith Field was April 23rd, 2016. Construction began later that year in November.