2018 Kids Clinic


Practice makes perfect. That was the message today at the Kids Clinic at MGM Park hosted by the Biloxi Shuckers and former Major League catcher Barry Lyons.

Thirty kids from the Gulf Coast trained with Biloxi Shuckers players and team ambassador Barry Lyons. “It’s great. We want to always encourage and inspire kids to be the best they can be. Baseball is such an amazing teacher of life lessons,” said Lyons.

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The young ball players learned how to hit and field ground balls. With the pros pitching the kids tips, they’re swinging them in the right direction. Shuckers shortstop Jake Hager said, “As a kid, your dream is to become a professional baseball player and become a big leaguer. It’s cool to get these kids out here and have them look up to us and learn from us. Hopefully they take a lot in.”

The purpose of this clinic is to learn the game of baseball. Shuckers pitcher Nate Griep said, “We teach catch out here. If you can’t catch, you can’t play baseball. It’s kind of a big thing. We try to pound that in so that everybody knows what they are doing then we move onto other things.”

“Fielding a ground ball is hard,” said Hager. “When you get into a good fielding position, you can catch a ground ball. I want to teach these kids how to be in the right position.”

With anything in life, fundamentals are important. The earlier a player learns the basics they are less likely to use bad habits. Camp attendee Joshua Duncan said, “I learned today how to spread my legs out better when I catch grounders. I just love this camp a lot because it’s helping me inspire for new things and helping me learn a lot.”

“It’s about having passion for something and making that your livelihood,” said Lyons.