Sweets for Safety


Bad boys, what you gonna do when the police passes rewards out to you? The Pass Christian Police Department showed their appreciation for locals respecting the roads with the ‘Sweets for Safety’ program.

If you see a Pass Christian police officer following you, don’t panic. Pass Christian police are pulling locals over not for a ticket, but for a token of their appreciation. Sgt. Chris Williams said, “We are promoting driver awareness. Basically, we are going to be conducting traffic stops on certain individuals, not because they are breaking the law, because they are actually following the law.”

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After hearing complaints of speeding, the police department partnered with the local Subway and came up with the ‘Sweets for Safety’ program.  Drivers following the law will receive a coupon for a free cookie. Officer Kyle Craig said, “It’s a good way to interact with our community and let them know we are here to change the community in positive ways. We aren’t just out here to arrest people. We want to congratulate people who are helping us out.”

Getting pulled over at first can be alarming, but once Pass Christian resident Christopher McGee realized cookies were involved, he made plans to get his free treat after work. “I thought I was in trouble. I was asking my buddy what did we do?”

“They are always shocked. You pull them over just like every other traffic stop. You know what I pulled you over for? I have no idea, sir. I go, actually, nothing. You are driving very safe and doing a great job. For your good job, I’m going to reward you with a cookie.”

After his reward, McGee understood why the police department started the program and he appreciates the effort to keep Pass Christian roads safe. “I support it. I have a family to get home to every night. I’m a daddy of three so I have to do everything I can to get home safely.”