06/13 Ryan’s “Less Active” Wednesday Evening Forecast


It was much less active today than it was yesterday, but we saw afternoon showers and thunderstorms.

Don’t expect this “lull” to continue though; they’re coming right back in earnest tomorrow.

Today was the exception, but the last few days have seen at least one severe warned storm due to the potential for down-bursts. No severe weather is forecast, but the potential will certainly still exist. So, expect more rain and thunderstorms on hot and humid days for the short term, but the increase in cloud cover and rain will drop temperatures into the upper 80s for a bit.

The disturbance in the Western Caribbean continues to move toward the Southwestern Gulf, but little development is expected.

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The interaction with land and high wind shear will continue to limit any production, but by Friday/Saturday the conditions slightly improve. A significant impact in South Mississippi with this system is unlikely.