Kids Fire Academy Camp


Dozens of kids are having the chance to learn life-saving skills from some of Biloxi’s finest.

Today kicked off day one of the week-long Biloxi Fire Kids Academy Camp.  Kids learn to do things like CPR and they get a look at how firefighters quickly dress themselves with turnout and hazmat gear.

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These future fighters will also learn about their own heartbeat as well as the different aspects of being a firefighter.

This week is for the advanced group which is returning campers. Next week will be kids joining the academy for the first time. Vincent Payne with the Biloxi Fire Department said, “I have to rotate them out because we had to give other kids a chance to enjoy the camp. That is why we have created a second week and that second week gives those kids who have been to the first week a chance to come back for the second week. We have a lot of enthusiasm from the public and the kids and everybody involved. We teach them life safety skills like 911, CPR, and that type of thing.”

Kids are even getting a chance to use the department’s brand new simulation trailer.