Environmental Inequality Consortium


Today, an environmental health fair and luncheon took place, aimed at improving the lives of children and families in the community.

Community-based organizations have teamed up with professors from historically black colleges to work on a five year project that will combine research and advocacy with community engagement to address environmental and health inequalities on the Gulf Coast.

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Ruth Story with local nonprofit group EEECHO tells News 25 this program is meant to have a positive long term impact and she hopes the community will use the information that’s gathered to live healthier lives.  “We are working on climate and health education at this summit. We have called the people of the different communities together today to come out so they can understand the issues that face them and then encourage them to become a part of this consortium so they will work with us in trying to bring about change and bring about good health in our communities.”

The five year long Gulf Coast Equity Consortium will be funded through a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.