Coast Softball All-Star Futures Game


Much like the MLB All-Star break features a futures game between the United States and the rest of the world, high school softball on the Gulf Coast does the same thing with schools from the East and West. Tonight, the top rising juniors and seniors took the diamond at Biloxi.

Sixteen players were selected for each team.

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East wins 3-2 in game one. East wins game two 5-4.

Harrison Central Shortstop Jhericka Strickland said, “Not at this point just because it’s a few from each team, but when it’s team against team it’s go time. So, but West is the best. We’re going to win, though.”

Ocean Springs Catcher Fallon Groves said, “It kind of gives you a peek at what you’re going to see next year also, if people are going to get better or kind of stay the same, where we’re going to be at to see our competition.”

Biloxi Head Softball Coach Bruce Thorton said, “Just the way that they develop and that friendship and again, a lot of them have played against each other for several years now. And it’s so intense whenever they compete against each other. When a Harrison Central and Gulfport play or a Gulfport and Biloxi or Ocean Springs and St. Martin, but now you put them on the same team and they get a chance to know each other a little bit better and just enjoy the opportunity to compete East versus West. So, but we want that competition to be friendly and for them to have a really good time.”

The outgoing seniors will player their double-header All-Star games tomorrow night with a 6 p.m. first pitch at Biloxi.