New tools assist with firefighting and fire safety for Biloxi FD


The Biloxi Fire Department has two new tools to assist with firefighting and fire safety: a truck that can deliver breathing air to firefighters at fire scenes and a trailer that can simulate house fires and other catastrophes.

The 27 foot fire prevention and safety trailer can simulate a kitchen fire, hurricane, thunder or flooding. The trailer, valued at $100,000 and funded through a federal grant, uses video screens, smoke, heat, and vibrations to simulate emergency situations.

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As for the new air truck, it replaces a nearly 20-year-old unit that could only transport air tanks to fire scenes. Biloxi Fire Battalion Chief Stephen Strickler said, “We have unlimited air now. They can sit there and just bring bottle after bottle and just fill there on the scene versus our old air transport vehicle that just carried spare bottles. Once the air was out, it had to go refill and it would take up to a couple hours to actually refill the cascade system on that. With this here, it’s going to save time.”

The air truck, a $213,163 investment, is being funded over five years through grants from the insurance industry.