Hands only CPR training in Gulfport


Being prepared for emergencies can be the difference between witnessing a tragedy or saving a life.

Today, at the Harrison County Courthouse, AMR is helping Coast residents get ready for any situation with hands only CPR instructions on their state of the art dummies.

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The interactive dummies monitor hand placement and pressure as well as speed. Lights inside the dummy indicate when proper hands only CPR is being implemented.

AMR officials tell News 25 that when you know how to properly give this form of CPR you greatly increase any recipients’ chances of survival. Operations Manager James Carver said, “Just a simple thing likes hands only CPR is actually proven to increase the survival rate of people without a pulse and you come across somebody that’s not breathing, you pull them out of the water and they’re not breathing. Just start chest compressions. We use it on a daily basis. It does make a difference. What we found that really makes a difference is bystanders stepping into start and initiate the CPR. The hands only CPR makes a huge difference and it’s very effective.”

You can call AMR’s training center at 897-6662 to sign up for one of AMR’s CPR instruction classes.