DUI Club awards luncheon


More than 20 police departments across the state of Mississippi were honored at the DUI Award Luncheon in Biloxi.

STORM, sobriety trained officers representing Mississippi, wanted to acknowledge officers involved with DUI enforcement by treating them to lunch. The awards refer to the work officers have done within the year of 2017. One of the awards went to the officer who had the highest number of DUI arrests.

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The awards make sure the hard work of DUI enforcement does not go unnoticed. Biloxi Officer Jason Cummings said, “The officers that do DUIs and stuff, they work night shifts. They are away from their families. It takes a lot for them to be out on the road saving lives like they do. So, this is a little appreciation. We serve lunch halfway through the conference to recognize them and give them awards. Keep the good work up.”

This conference focuses on ways to increase awareness on drunk driving. This is the first of two STORM conferences that will take place this year.


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