Cancer comes back for Pass Christian teacher


A special teacher and coach at Pass Christian High School is having to undergo cancer treatments after being diagnosed for the second time.

Several other teachers, along with the community, are teaming up to make sure she’s not alone in the fight.

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Math teacher Melissa Williams said, “The second time when she found out, she said this is just another mountain to climb. When I heard that I thought, how much faith she must have to think that.”

After nearly 20 rounds of chemo and beating stage two breast cancer, Coast native Breanna Halley is battling cancer for a second time. “This time it is in her liver and her spine.”

Breanna is a ninth grade science teacher who also coaches cross country and basketball. The 26-year-old has special ties to Pass Christian High School. Breanna’s husband, Zach, works there as a special education teacher and coaches track. “She’s just the best person I ever met in my life. I don’t know why she married me, but she did.”

Zach Halley tells News 25 Breanna’s first battle with cancer in 2016 didn’t keep her away from the classroom. “She’d wake up, go get radiation, go to work, and coach basketball. This time, it’s just, it’s a lot different.”

According to other teachers, Breanna’s students are feeling the impact of her absence. “They miss her positive attitude. They miss her optimism. They miss her pushing them to be a better person,” said Williams.

While Breanna’s at home undergoing oral treatments, she hasn’t let Coach Zach take off work. “Being here actually gets me through the day.”

Pass Christian High teacher Natalie Skinner said, “They both impact so many of our students. They’re so unselfish with their time and so giving to others during such a horrific time in their lives.”

Teachers and members of the community are hosting a benefit golf tournament for Breanna Sunday at the Pass Christian Isles Golf Club. To sign up or donate call 228-326-7269. “Her main focus is not getting better to get her better, but it’s getting her better so she can get back here.”